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Are you looking to import your new car from the USA or Europe?

Let PAC take all the guess work out of the process. We have imported hundreds of cars and know the ropes. We will find you the exact car you are looking for with all the proper history and accident free background. Making sure that your new car will be all you expected. At a price that will amaze you!


We will handle the import process the safe & right way with no surprises and no hidden fees, ending directly at your front door!


Are you hoping to trade your existing car in on your new car? Unlike a conventional car dealer who will tell you what they are going to give you for it. PAC will shop your car to the highest bidder, confirming you get the best possible value for your trade.

You are always in full control of the process from beginning to end.


Beat the car dealers at their own game!


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                Steve Rogers   

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